"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living"
Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro


When considering cremation, an important decision you must make is to select a container, urn or cremation memorial to memorialize your loved one. A variety of styles, colors and materials are available, along with personalized embellishments, which give you the option to select something as unique and special as the individual it represents.

You can find the perfect expression of your loved one to commemorate and celebrate your life. Offering styles that suit individual tastes and desires, we can help you plan every aspect of cremation, including selecting the right urn for you.

Cremation Urns

Cremation urns come in many shapes and sizes. The most traditional way to remember someone you love is a full-size urn that will contain the cremated remains (or "ashes"). Most people are familiar with vase-shaped urns, but funeral urn designs can be as simple as a box with a lid. The cremation box can be square or rectangular, high or low. These options are very popular among families and the personalization options are numerous, which allows the cremation urn to be as unique as the person to whom it is remembered.

Souvenir urns

Remembering your loved one is part of the healing process. In addition to our full-size urn options, you can choose to give or keep a smaller gift with beautiful souvenir urns. These small and precious reminders can help provide comfort to families by honoring and remembering the loved one. Choose between unique styles.

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